From the Whelping Box

We just breed for ourselves, so puppies are rare and very special.  They live with us in our house - none of our dogs are kenneled - and sleep by the bed until they are a month old.  We are just like mother hens to these little ones.  We work very hard at our breedings - looking for just the right boy for our girl.  As a result, we've been very lucky to breed very high quality, beautiful and healthy puppies, very well socialized and sweet tempered.  We are most proud of our puppy's temperaments - because they are with us 24/7, they love people and fit right into every family.  Enjoy our photos below, and contact us to see if we have puppies available.  We do expect a litter of 4-5 in mid-December 2016....just drop us a line!

2nd Puppy Update

Here are some photos of Lilee's little babies at nearly 3 weeks old!  The first is our Blenheim boy, the second is our Blenheim girl, the third is our Tri girl, the fourth is our Tri boy and the fifth is our second Blenheim girl!!  Their little personalities are already coming out...but they are all sweet!

1st Puppy Update:

Lilee's litter came early on July 19, and we were blessed with 5 lovely puppies.  A Tri boy and Tri girl, and two Blenheim girls and a Blenheim boy.  They are now 2 1/2 weeks old, eyes are open and they are beginning to try and toddle around the whelping box.  They all turned out great, beautifully marked with lovely consistent heads and bodies.  Now we wait to see how they all develop.  We will let four of them go to puppy homes...and will probably keep one for ourselves.  It all contact us at if you are interested in a puppy!!.  

Puppy Update #3 10/03/12

The puppies are almost ready to go - three of them are going to their forever homes this week.  We are so blessed that such great families will have our puppies. This is a fantastic litter by CA Cambridge Double Your Money!  Just look at those beautiful faces!!

Puppy Update #4 - 12/12/12

All good things must eventually come to an end, and so it has for our lovely litter of puppies.  We kept our Tri girl, but the other four puppies are at their forever homes - which I must say are the most fantastic homes we could ask for.  We are very hopeful our girl turns into a swan and can be a show girl when she is a little bit older. the moment we are beginning the planning process for our next litter, which will be born in the Spring!  We get to do this all over again!  Stay tuned for our breeding news as it unfolds. 

Puppy Update #5 - 1/27/13

Just like we said in our news blog, we are getting ready to do it all over again....and the search for just the right dog for Rosie has begun. We've got it narrowed down to a couple of that's progress!   I think it will be around the first week of May when she'll whelp, assuming the breeding "takes".  I'll post news on that on our front page when we know something.

Baby News! Two Beautiful Blenheim Boys!

We have the two most beautiful puppies here!  They are four weeks old now and OMG they are just so adorable!  If you are looking for Christmas puppies, let us know!