Sophia's Majestic Serenity

Our beautiful Sophie was our first show dog.  Most of the time in your first attempt at showing your dog, you discover that you have a long way to go before it will all come together.  Not so with Sophie - she was as sweet and gentle as she was beautiful.  We started out slow, experimenting with different judges and venues, but ultimately we realized that we needed professional help.  Our breeder introduced us to Scott Sommer, who in a matter of weeks had put Sophie's championship on her and pushed her into national ranking status.  He wanted us to let him Special her, but we had other plans.....which produced her only litter by Pascavale Pancho, and our next show girl, LaurelWind Tiger Lilee.  Sophie is eight years old now, and retired, but she's lost none of her spirit and spunkiness!

LaurelWind Tiger Lilee

When we had Lilee, we were blessed with a puppy with the PERFECT Cavalier temperament.  Lilee's beauty is mostly in her personality.  She is without a doubt the gentlest Cavalier we've ever had, and we are so thrilled that she has passed this trait to every puppy she's ever whelped.  Lilee started her show career late, and loved it for a while, but we had to bring her home before her final win as it was clear she was "done" with traveling and being in the ring.  So...Lilee became a mother and produced Miles for us in her first litter, Rosie in her second and.....who knows?  With this final litter we shall see what Lilee can do!! She is major pointed with 12 points of the required 15 - but in our hearts she's a Grand Champion!!

So Charming for Rosscrea

Once Lilee was home, we went searching for our next show dog....and found So Charming for Rosscrea, bred by Wendy Taylor in the UK.  Rosscrea Cavaliers is one of the blue-chip Cavalier breeders, with many UK Champions and beautiful, very "typey" and consistent puppies.  We felt very blessed and are very grateful for Annabelle, who was named in honor of her mother who is with the Tillashby Cavaliers kennel in the UK now.  Annabelle has the English look, and has a dear, sweet way about her.  She did very well in the show ring - finishing her Championship in a few months.  She's been with us now for the past 4 years and we can't imagine life without her.  She's always the one who follows me from room to room, and she even "talks".  She says "Mom, Mom...Mom" when I come home from out of town.  Its hysterical!!

LaurelWind Rumor Has It

How time flies!  This is my beloved LaurelWind Rumor Has It as a puppy.....she is just my heart dog!  She's four years old now, and had a very short and successful show career - I think it took three weeks for her to gain her Championship.  Basically the blink of an eye!  She's a beautiful tri girl out of CA Cambridge Double Your Money, bred by Elaine Mitchell and owned by Lana Adair.  What a gorgeous dog he is!  And Rumor is no exception - she's a carbon copy.  After her championship, she came home to relax on the couch and I'm not sure she's moved since.  Enjoy Rumor's photos!