Its Been An Amazing Three Months

After a really busy spring, I realized it was time to throw a couple of my fur babies out into the show ring to see what happened.  Imagine my shock, surprise and total joy at my two little angels!  Zoe is now a Grand Champion, and Jamie is a Champion!!  These great honors are even more sweet because Zoe is the child or Rumor, who is the child of Lilee and who was the child of my first show dog, Sophie.  Not only that, but Zoe was a tiny 4 oz baby when she was born, and I had to tube and bottle feed her for three weeks to save her life.  My boy Jamie is a complete dreamboat - entrusted to me by one of England's best breeders - and I ws very anxious to see if the judges agreed with me.  They do!!  Here is my lovely girl Zoe and my heartthrob boy Jamie!


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