Next Year's Breeding Plans

We are presently planning on three litters next year - maybe four if we aren't too worn out - with the first litter expected in May, and then the next litter 2-3 months later through the end of the year…


Update to 2021 Breeding Plans

Hi all;  Its July and we have our second litter of the year on the ground now.  They are 8 weeks - 6 beautiful tricolor puppies, 3 boys and 3 girls.  Most are committed to wonderful families who have been…


Our Breeding Plan for 2021

There has been a real shortage of Cavalier puppies born this year by responsible show breeders due to COVID-19 and the impact it has had on the dog show circuit.  I have inquiries almost every day about available puppies. I've…


Puppies on the Way

We are happy to report that we will have some puppies in early February, 2020 - we expect that they will be both Tricolor and Blenheim puppies.  We are hojping for a nice show puppy in this litter, but all…


Gigi's Done It Again!!

We were not sure if this was going to work or not this time...there were a few challenging moments....but it DID work and we have about five or six puppies on the way.  Gigi was bred to a lovely Blenheim…


Gigi's Sweet Babies!

Gigi is our sweet girl at home, and she's had two lovely puppies out of Verheyen Jared, a beautiful boy from England and an AKC Champion.  We love these little boys!  We are going to run one on to see…


Keep Your Fingers Crossed!

We are praying for some little ones in December.....Caroline and Rumor are ready for puppies, and I need my next show dog!!

Its Been An Amazing Three Months

After a really busy spring, I realized it was time to throw a couple of my fur babies out into the show ring to see what happened.  Imagine my shock, surprise and total joy at my two little angels!  Zoe…

Welcoming our new babies!!

Caroline is the proud mother of five puppies today.  It was a tough road but we made it!  They are all healthy, vocal and hungry.  Here's our very first picture!

Kavalor Sweet Carolina at LaurelWind is a New Champion!!

And Caroline did it in style!  Caroline's three major wins and most of her other points were from Cavalier specialties, including winning Winner's Bitch twice at Eukanuba last year!.  Many thanks to Caroline's judges who recognized her qualities, to Michelle…

We are blessed! Puppies are on the way!

Caroline has retired from the show ring, and has moved on to her next challenge - being a mother!!  We have tricolor and Blenheim puppies on the way out of Mockingbird Double Dutch, and we couldn't be more excited!  We…